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Liam J. M. Wilson

Yorkshire born 'n bred

Based in Leeds

Key Skills:




Visual Effects

3D Modelling/Rendering

Digital Compositing


Software Skills:


Autodesk Maya

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop


1st Class Hons Degree in Animation

A-Level Art and Design

A-Level Graphics

About Me...

I am Liam J. M. Wilson, I am a filmmaker, writer, director, CG generalist and visual effects artist. 

Telling stories has been something I have had a keen interest in from a very young age, whether this be through making films, writing scripts and/or novels or drawing up characters and scenes. I have been heavily influenced by many sci-fi and fantasy stories growing up, like Star Wars, Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

I have always been making my own short films using whatever budget equipment I could get my hands on. I played around with very amateur visual effects within Windows Movie Maker using plug-ins (including chroma-keying and image overlays) before progressing onto using the Adobe Creative Cloud to edit and make effects. Blending unreal elements in with live-action footage always fascinated me and was challenging yet immensely satisfying. 

Through my time studying animation at University, I found myself further drawn towards live action again over 2D drawn animation. Since then, I have been very focused on creating live action stories incorporating many different uses of visual effects and CGI, with my final year consisting of only live action projects. My graduation film, 'The Utopia Trial' featured entirely CGI c
haracters interacting with live action actors. 

I graduated from Leeds Arts University with a first class honours degree, and my skills in storytelling and visual effects have continued to advance with the creation of further short films, 'Warlock', which is a fantasy action film and 'Dancing on the Doorstep'
. I am currently working on a number of CGI projects, 'Welcome to Mars' being an incredibly exciting challenge which has turned into a longer term, backburner project now. I have just finished a micro short CGI animation called 'Washed Up' which is now entered into festivals and so won't be online for a while yet but the trailer is available to watch here. 

I love making short films like this and have many more plans for future films. While taking on so much of the whole filmmaking pipeline myself gives me a lot of freedom, it is also creatively taxing. So if you are also in the creative field, I am always willing to bring people in to focus on other aspects of the filmmaking pipeline, so I can focus more on my specialties and ideally make a greater end product we can all be proud of. Whatever your specialty, I love to talk with you and see what we could achieve together.

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