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"Low on fuel in the middle of the ocean, with a malfunctioning compass and bizarre radio interference, a lost pilot stumbles upon extraordinary activity as he struggles to find his way home..." A CGI short film written and directed by Liam J. M. Wilson.


From working on 'Washed Up' and 'Welcome to Mars', I was getting more and more excited about CGI projects and the limitless possibilities they can offer. This film is still a ways off, but I'm currently working on the script and creating some concept imagery for it which I'm very excited about. This is going to be a predominantly CG film, with the only live action element being the actor in the cockpit of the plane and so I'll be mapping out the whole film first in CG and then adding the actor in as the final element. The script is mostly finalised now, and I'm aiming to get filming in the summer of 2024.

Follow me @liamjmwilson to keep up to date with progress on the film. 

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