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Welcome to Mars Title Card

"A devoted little droid called Tuesday has been tasked with setting up a Mars base ready for humans to settle the planet. But when the landing date passes by with no contact, Tuesday starts to worry that the colonists may never arrive."

'Welcome to Mars' is a story about isolation, hope and perseverance, and was set to be my first fully CG animated film, however, what was initially planned to be a quick lockdown project at the end of 2020 has turned into a much greater project. This is a big undertaking for just myself and so it is taking much longer than I anticipated, hence why I ended up making 'Washed Up' in the meantime. The film is now finally entering actual production, the script is complete, and I am working on modelling all the animation assets while Alex storyboards and I'm hoping to get animating as soon as I can.


Follow me @liamjmwilson to keep up to date with progress on the film. 

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