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"A fish gets washed up onto a beach where a group of hungry seagulls await..."

A CG animated micro short film written and directed by Liam J. M. Wilson. While pre-production on 'Welcome to Mars' and 'Over the Waves' was ongoing, I was itching to complete a

Title Card Solid.png

I'd also just attended Manchester Animation Festival and was really inspired to make something resembling a stop motion style made in Blender. The idea was to keep this as short and simple as possible to make sure I'd actually get it done soon without getting carried away overcomplicating it before managing to complete it... that however, was not a total success.


This ended up taking me about six months to finish instead of the one I had planned for. In the end though, I'm so proud of this film, it was quite a change for me personally and my first proper chunk of true fully character animated content since university. Suffice it to say, this film scratched that itch, now I'm back on with my other, bigger projects.

short animated piece a bit more immediately. I had just completed the music video for Frankie Statham's 'That's Life' which was made within just a month and so I really wanted to try something similar in scale and also allow Frankie to make the music for it.

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