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In 2023, I really started to get serious in learning music. I had always been interested but never committed to anything. When I was young, I had dabbled with guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, but just never kept up with any of it. I have been obsessed with handpans/hangdrums for ages but given the price of those, I went with a decent budget alternative of a tongue drum. This really sparked that passion and even got me back on with learning piano. I learnt a load of theory, started messing with virtual synthesizers and DAW's, and now I am absolutely loving creating my own ambient music.

I have a personal goal of being able to score one of my upcoming short films myself, as I think I'd love that challenge. I will still be working with Simon on scoring the majority of my films though as he's amazing at it and for me, this is more just a bit of fun, I'll never be on his level.

Anyway, I know ambient music isn't for everyone but I'd really appriciate if you gave it a listen, stick it on while you work, walk, cook, try to sleep, ect. If you're feeling really generous, please consider liking my music on Spotify and adding my tracks to playlists.

Summit Cover Art

'Summit' is an ambient album taking you on a journey finding peace and quiet over a full day atop a mountain and is my first ever music release.

This started out as just another 3D render I wanted to make, simply called 'Peace' of someone sat atop a mountain above the clouds. I then started writing some short music to acompany the render, and that grew into a lot more music and so the render grew to acompany the music.

It became 23 minutes of ambient synth, tongue drum, piano and more to put on while you work, go to sleep or take a stroll. I really hope you enjoy. 

Cruisng Cover Art

'Cruising Through the Stars' is a piece of ambient music I made one night when I couldn't sleep, now I play this to help me get to sleep.


I adore making music like this, not only is it relaxing to listen to, but also really therapeutic to play. This was made with a evolving synth patch made in Vital, along with some soft piano to accompany that spacey synth. I just love the simplicity of that kind of combination.

Take a journey through the stars to help you sleep, study, relax or just fill the silence. An hour long version will be on my YouTube.

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