The Utopia Trial

My final graduation film. This short film was my most challenging project to date. A sci-fi western film in which live action characters do battle with CGI drones. I worked with many collaborators who helped me to make this film a reality. This was an incredibly fun and satisfying process, allowing other people's specialties create a better end result. This film allowed me to conclude all the skills I have developed up to this point; writing, directing, shooting, editing, animating, visual effects and compositing. I'm so proud of the end result. 

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Missing Person​

This project was the practical side of my final context of practice module. This short film was shot in two slightly different ways, one with visual effects and the other without. This was an experiment in order to gather research for my dissertation on the perception of visual effects in film and how they effect the story. This was a very quick turnaround and good practice to get ready for my final film, which will also implement CGI characters into a live action film.

The Demise of Blackbeard

The final animation of my second year was this documentary on how the pirate legend, Blackbeard died. I loved this project. I really got to work on the things that I was more personally interested in, like the editing and post productions. I did all main character animation within this video, without having to draw them since they were 2D rigged puppets. I am very proud of the result of this and believe we worked together very well.

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Microsoft Surface

This was my second project for the second year at Leeds Arts Uni. We chose a Microsoft Surface brief from the D&AD competition. I really wanted to get back to doing more live action and so really enjoyed this project. We had five weeks in total and only shot the live action elements in the third week, leaving us 2 weeks for all post. I did all of the green-screen keying for this project, as well as editing and some motion graphics shots. The main part of mine is the green cathedral section of the video, done in Autodesk Maya.

You can read my weekly blog from this module by clicking here.


This was a project created for the character and narrative module in my second year at Leeds Arts University. I worked in a group with two others to create a short animated film. My contributions to this film were; script, animatic, sound design, 14 animated shots, all editing, compositing and post lighting effects. This was a long tough project but we are really proud of the result. Working in a group with specified roles really helped me focus on the bits I was most interested in.

You can read my weekly blog from this module by clicking here.

The Restaurant

The brief for this module was to create a comical animation. I made this animation 'The Restaurant' in which I attempted to implement inspiration from Tex Avery's work by having the characters have over exaggerated expressions. This was a very fun project for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm pleased with the results of the smooth animation. Short and sweet.

You can view the creation process by clicking here to go to my uni weekly blog.


This was my first module of university, titled 'Animation Skills'. The module was based around the fundamentals of animation. We were tasked to make a 15 second animation based on one word emotion that we were given. I made my response in Adobe Animate and I am very proud of the simplicity in the story.

You can view the creation process by clicking here to go to my uni weekly blog.

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