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"At the end of the War of Spanish Succession in 1713, the captain of a privateering vessel faces a confrontation with his disgruntled crew." A historical action short film written and directed by Liam J. M. Wilson.

I have always been greatly interested the golden age of piracy and was very excited to make something set in that period of history. While not directly a 'pirate' film, the history detailing how privateers and merchant sailors turned pirate after the end of the war, really interested me so I set out to make this short.

This film was written shortly after I filmed 'Warlock', I was inspired to do more sword combat, however the project was a little bit too ambituous for me to be able to achieve at that time. Five years later, I returned to that script to with Harry Phipps producing it.

Follow me @liamjmwilson to keep up to date with progress on the film. 

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