My name is Liam J. M. Wilson.

I am a filmmaker, writer, director and visual effects artist.

From here you can explore my portfolio of films, animations and visual effects, as well as see the progress of my upcoming films. Enjoy!​

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please don't hesitate to email me at liamjmwilson@gmail.com

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Warlock (2021)

"For generations, sorcerers have fought over an ancient talisman which provides unmatched power and allows the user to never tire. Even the best of men can do dark deeds for a chance to possess the talisman. Now, a lone warlock strives to end the cycle of violence..."

The Utopia Trial (2019)

"In an apocalyptic future, the world is a barren wasteland. Survivors strive to gain access to the City of Utopia. However, to enter this safe haven, one must first amass credits in order to prove their worth. Credits that can only be collected from a very deadly foe..."


Dancing on the Doorstep (2022)


"England, 1945. As the Second World war draws to a close and the troops return home, one woman greets her husband with a dance on the doorstep."​


Welcome to Mars (2023)


"A devoted little droid called Tuesday has been tasked with setting up a Mars base ready for humans to settle the planet. But when the landing date passes by with no contact, Tuesday starts to worry that the colonists may never arrive."