This was the final project in my A-Level Art. My exam project, which I was able to write my own brief for. So I decided that I wanted to create the visual identity for a new band and their debut album. I created a music video for this single, the album art, logos, posters, ect. This was an amazing project to finish on. I was able to tailor it so much to exactly what I wanted to do. I had so much fun and was really proud of my final outcome.

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This was my final project in my BTEC Graphics. My brief was to create a character design for a new stationery chain. This character had to represent the brand and be clearly identified. I researched many different illustrators throughout this project. The first one here is Steven Silver, the 'Kimpossible' artist, 'Simpsons' creator, Matt Groening and 'Fairly OddParents' style. This was quite a challenging project but I feel that it has helped me develop in graphics and character.

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Poster 1.jpg
Card 1.jpg

Greeting Cards

In this project we had to create a range of greetings cards. The theme I chose was kitchen based puns. I used influences from Jaco Haasbroek and Sophie Corrigan to create my final cards. I am really happy with the results of these. They are available for purchase on T-Shirts in the websites store.

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Artist Study

For this module, I had to research and respond to an artist. These are responses to Keith Haring. I responded and adapted his style into something of my own for my final piece, which I incorporated into an animated short. You can also see all the animations that I created for this project below.

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Promotional Video

For my A-Level Art course in year 12, me and 4 others, as a fake company called 'RawMotionUK', were tasked to create a promotional video for the Design Faculty at South Craven School. I had a very big contribution to the making of the video, by coming up with a lot of ideas and planning out the layout of the video. I also did the majority of the filming and I did all of the editing with Sony Vegas Pro. This video demonstrates my filming and composition skills, as well as my editing and mixing skills.

Bradford Odeon

For this graphics project, I had to design a logo and style for a cake stall in the Bradford Odeon cinema, and also create the packaging that it would come in. This was based around typography. I did primary research observations of cupcakes responding to artists; Debbie Miller, Koichi Fujii and Oscar Wilson. I also looked at the art deco style.

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Deconstruct and Reconstruct

Here are a few pieces from my 'Deconstruct & Reconstruct' exam project in year 12. I took the brief stimulus of 'Deconstruct & Reconstruct' quite literally and deconstructed pocket watches and researched the inner workings. I looked at the artists Gerald Murphy and Salvador Dali as influences for the development of this project.

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